Thursday, October 4, 2012

My entry for OSSAS 2012

The Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and Grand National Wedding Cake Competition 2012

So here is my creation for Hats, Headbands, and Headgear!
 I hand rolled each brick and set it in to its specific place to recreate the pattern found on the Doge's Palace walls. The outside panels are "english paneling" with royal icing stringwork and fondant accents.
 Winged lions sit on top of my top hat tier. Rice paper feathers and "venetian glass" hat pins poke out from behind the golden broach.
More rice paper feathers. Hand piped filigree on the gumpaste mask, English Panels, figure piped cherub, fondant molded accents, hand made flowers..

I still need to go through my pictures of all the entries but I'll have some to post soon!

This was a monster of a job.. I had several panels break during transit- despite the safe guards that were in place.. My cherubs were also holding bows and arrows..  I'm a bull in a china shop sometimes...
I got some great feedback and I came home with "finalist" I'm not sure what that means exactly. One lady told me it was the top ten while another told me it could be up to top 11.  Either way, its only my 4th month of decorating cakes so I'm excited to have walked away with that! Next year, I will have had this experience behind me and will be able to better prepare. 

Special Thank you to The CakePro Caddy
These guys carried my ginormous cake up and down the halls of the QT center and they even lugged it half a mile to my car!