Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going green for March

Hey! welcome to March!
Glad to see we all made it through the leap year!

Speaking of which --side note:
All day, on my twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc, (all of which you can find in the top right corner.. Follow me!) people had been complaining about how there is one more work day inserted into their year. Really? Lets all take a big dose of perspective now.... 

I think, perhaps, we should be thankful for the time that we do have. And its not an extra day inserted into your year just to get one more days worth of work out of you... Its just how Romans keep time.. 

Ok. Now back to the good stuff!
Green ideas below!

I'm going to spend the rest of March assaulting the color green. I'm going to explore green in whatever ways I can come up with. :)

On the list:
Recycled T-shirt Rug
DIY Gel Air Fresheners
Newspaper Seed Pots
Green Coconut Spiral Sugar Cookies
Green Smoothies
Green velvet cake balls
Fun and fancy nail art
The Potato Garden (the potatoes are purple this year..:/ but hey, its "green"
Diy window clings
Glow vases with silhouettes
Tons of spinach recipes that I need to put up
Green eggs and ham... maybe.. im still scared..
and more.. I've committed myself to making March one heck of a blog month!

So, stay tuned. I'm putting finishing touches on tomorrows post!
Have a wonderful March 1! 

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