Monday, February 27, 2012

Cake in a Jar

Cake... in a jar.. :)

So its still wintery and cold and grey and miserable outside.. And what does that have to do with cake.. in a jar? Not a whole lot.. I was just commenting on the weather. :)

Anyhow, I made these shortly after making the truffle bottom cake which you can find here..

I needed something quick and easy for RadioSweet Tooth Man...

Now I must say, I have never heard of such a thing.. Cake... in a jar.... pfft. But its actually rather convenient and not to mention cute!  I got the idea here:

If you don't eat marinated artichokes or don't have a baby, or just don't know where to get little jars:
These little jars work great and you can use them for canning too! Just click the picture for more info.

I used left over chocolate and whipping cream and marshmallows from the truffle bottom cake mentioned earlier and crushed up some ginger snaps for my "crust."

Now, I don't really have a recipe ... per se... But like I said, the link to the filling is here..

Now I just melted my ingredients and mixed them all up and poured it all over the ginger snaps in the bottom of the jar.. Then I refrigerated them until I couldn't stand it any longer!

A little pouf of whip topping and some sliced strawberries... 

I capped the ones I (and RSTM) were not going to eat that night.. I used jars from marinated artichoke hearts but I think they are about the same size as baby food jars.. They make for really great single serving desserts!  Especially good for kids whose eyes can sometimes be bigger than their tummies!

Can I take a minute to talk about a pet peeve? 

Who's vs whose

This is one of those cases where it is important to remember that possessive pronouns never take apostrophes, even though possessive nouns do. (its/ it's) “Who’s” always and forever means only “who is,” as in “Who’s that guy with the droopy mustache?” or “who has,” as in “Who’s been eating my porridge?” "Whose” is the possessive form of “who” and is used as follows: “Whose dirty socks are these on the breakfast table?” 

That is all.

Ok, well, I hope you enjoyed my little cake jars and can find some inspiration in it.. If not, you didn't click the link.. :) There are tons of ideas (and that's alot because ideas don't weigh much!) and recipes for all kinds of foods in jars.. The link I gave previously is only a list of 15 yummy sweets.. But people have gone crazy with this idea and are cooking in jars as well! 

Happy Monday everyone! Oh! And by the way, That color looks amazing on you! :)

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