Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chicken Tractor

Today we had a field trip!


So the chickens' yard was looking a little bare after all the rains.. They had scratched and pecked for worms so much that they took the grass out with them.. I decided to let the chickies out to play in the big yard. But, I couldn't stay out and watch them all day... So I made a makeshift chicken tractor!

Its not pretty.. and its not built to last... But it was a quick fix for some bug and grass hungry chickens! I found 2 old fence pieces and zip tied them together to make the "roof" and sealed the ends with chicken wire. 

I plopped a blanket over one end for shade and put in a portable nest box for comfort along with food and water.. I had some happy chickens!

Why a chicken tractor? Why not let them free range? 


We have a hawk problem here..  :( 

Well, I.. have a hawk problem. A problem with hawks who eat chicken. 


So that's the reason for the nets as well.. Its super tacky.. But the chickens feel safe and can continue laying eggs and eating bugs and doing chicken type things!


So anyhow, everyone is happy today! What a wonderful day! Now go out and enjoy it! 

I heard somewhere that you can get your days worth of vitamin d by spending just 10 minutes in the sun.. Is this true? If it is... my cat should be having vitamin d overdose issues.. :) She lays in her sunny window for hours!

OK, for real this time.. ciao ciao!

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