Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Little History

The Omy Farms label.
So I thought I might start a blog. And  this here page you just landed on is my attempt at just that. Let me introduce myself, I am known as "the food god" by many or sometimes "the bringer of smells" but for our purposes you can call me Radio Bird Mom.  (RBM)

So here is where I, Radio Bird Mom, intend to keep a running journal of all the daily goings on here, at Omy Farms. My plans are to have tabs for the different animals, recipes, crafts, etc..

So I suppose it is now time to introduce you to the farm!!

This is MeMu. So named because thats what her meows sound like... Sometimes I think she sounds more like the chickens than the chickens do... At any rate, She is the princess and the recipient of all the various smells that RBM picks up. Other than having her butt scratched while eating, "smell the outside world time" is one of the most anticipated times of the MeMu day!

Gertrude and Penelope on the right. Gerty and Penny for short!

Honey taking a dirt bath... Sooo funny!
 These are our new "Americauna" chickies.. They
were sold to me as Ameraucanas but its becoming 
clear that they are just easter eggers.. But what fun! 
Its like a suprise every day to see how they have 
grown and changed!

And the fish.. I had to include the fish because they are a working part of the farm too! We use fish waste as plant food for the garden!

Well, Thats about it for introductions. I'm anxious to see how this goes.. we shall see! Have a great day! Ill be back!

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