Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lucky Beans and Yarn

 Dried Black Eyed Peas in pod

I just learned of "an age old tradition" today... Something about Black eyed peas (cow-peas) bring good luck all year long if eaten on new years day. And now, all of a sudden, everywhere I look, people are talking about lucky beans. I hear about them on the radio, on forums/websites, chatting with neighbors, that sort of thing, you know?


In all my years of.. well, years... I have never heard of this lucky bean phenomena! So I got to thinking, Have I missed out on 28 years of good luck and fortune!?  I almost went as far as to find out how many beans i would have had to eat for said luck to be bestowed upon me.. But instead, I devised a plan! A plan to have a "Sorry I missed your day Day" complete with Black eyed peas and ham hocks! Brilliant.

So out to the garden I went and came back with boxes of dried black eyed peas to shell ( or shuck.. which is it?) First thing first.. Dried beans means before I can do anything with them, I have to rehydrate them. So, I am off to pour my beans into a big pot, cover them with filtered water, and let  them soak... and soak.. and soak.. 

I'll see you tomorrow with the recipe! I don't have one yet so, I'm thinking I'll take a bunch of recipes and combine the best parts of each and see what happens! 

And Yarn...

I made a scarf for a friend! hooray! I got this great pattern from Red Heart Free Patterns . I chose a grape color of  Red Heart's soft yarn collection... Its sooo soft and the color is so vibrant! And I lost the wrap for the white yarn.. but it was a soft yarn too in a creamy eggshell color. (Hello chicken friends! I know, chickens lay a rainbow of colors.) This was my first ever scarf and I think it turned out beautifully! I just had to share it!

Have a wonderful day!

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