Sunday, March 4, 2012

Answers with the Astral Bag Lady

The Astral Bag Lady

Duh.. Everyone has questions.. Questions about love and life. Questions about employment or heh.. unemployment. Questions about career changes or career choices.  Questions about the people in our lives or the ones we've lost. Questions about just about everything...

I know of someone with answers.

There is an amazing woman out there in interweb land and I hope you will familiarize yourself with her today. Her name is Rev. Linda Newman. And she is a drummer. :)

I first heard about Rev. Newman through my work. Well, sort of.. I found her radio show 

while I was supposed to be working... And I was hooked! Such wonderful advice! ALL THE TIME! The Rev has some wisdom in her. Trust me.

Here's the short info about the show from CBS New Sky Radio.
Join Tom and Linda for Answers on Thursday’s from 6-8 PM, ET
This is a LIVE CALL IN Show!

Join Linda and Tom for fun, uplifting and empowering conversation. “Answers  is a forum to bring love, awareness and fun to people who desire it is a wonderful calling!” Reverend Linda Newman and I take that very seriously.  Well, not all that seriously.  Laughter is an important component of  Answers.  We like it like that and hope you do too. Call us for fun dose of reality!
Rev. Linda Newman
But this isn't the coolest thing about this lady..

Check out 

How cool is that!?! Since learning about drumming from "The Rev" I have since hooked up with a local Shaman Drum Circle and absolutely love it!

I won't repost the poem that heads up But I highly recommend that you visit this site and read it for yourself. And then take some time to look around. There are so many great tips and even an article on etiquette!  YAY!!! 
You may also want to check out This bag lady's Astrology reports. They are color coded and super easy to read and follow. Seriously a must-have. For more info

So what prompted me to write about this amazing woman? Well, I contacted her (and Tom Force :) ) while listening to Answers not too long ago.. And the show was hot! I mean everyone and their mother was listening and they didn't quite get to my question. Meh. There is always next week. But I was particularly curious about my question and at the end of the show, Rev. L.N. said she would be happy to answer any questions that weren't addressed during the show via email. Wow right!? Talk about taking your work home with you!

So I asked my question and thanked her for her time and yada yada.. She got back to me and asked for my birth info so she could.. shucks.. i dont know.. make a chart I guess..  :)

So i replied with my info and a day later... I had my answer.. plus some! I was truly not expecting her to go out of her way and make a chart (or whatever) just for me.. Just because I asked.  

Her email was done by hand.. I mean, it wasn't generated by a computer program of anything like that. I was impressed. and not only that, I was feeling empowered and just generally stoked at the level of insight and just how accurate she was. So I thought...
A deed such as this should not go un-noticed..

So I wanted to do something to give back. And this is how I am kicking off that notion. I don't think I am going to stop there. Blogging once about someone isn't a huge thank you.. But its a start. I've got something else wonderful up my sleeve. I will show all of you when I have completed the task.

In the meantime:

check out "The Rev's" Facebook page.. I promise it will be worth it. This woman has one heck of a good sense of humor!

And don't forget!

Join Tom and Linda for Answers on Thursday’s from 6-8 PM, ET on CBS New Sky Radio and on the Para-X radio Networks.

And I'm sorry about the formatting... Blogger and I don't see eye to eye....

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