Friday, March 16, 2012

Newspaper Seed Cups

Newspaper Seed Pots
So last year, just before planting time, I purchased a bulk amount of seed pots to start our veggies in. I think  I used about 15 of them. That may sound like alot, but out of 250 it was just a waste of money. I purchased 2 different sizes. I could not tell you what sizes they were now, however.  Each cost about 10-15 cents each. (depending on size)  But since I live out in the "Boonies," as its lovingly called, I had to have them shipped to me. (add $25.00 to the total..) All in all, I won't purchase plastic pots again. They turned out to be pretty inconvenient. I had to keep moving my plants to bigger pots or just to the ground, and I found that that procedure tended to be a bit stressful on the plants. It can't be too much fun having your roots broken up and thrust into new earth. 

Apologies, I seem to be rambling... or ranting. So I should get to the point and show you how to make these nifty little pots. The coolest thing about them, you can pop them straight into the ground.. No bustin' up roots! (I like to pull off the bottom part of the newspaper when planting but its up to you)

Newspaper (plain boring newspaper. Not high color glossy adverts.)
a can ( about 16 oz or any other desired "size")

First, you'll need one big sheet of newspaper. Use the scissors to cut your  sheet in half down the center crease.

Next, you'll need to fold your sheet lengthwise in a tri-fold. Much like folding a letter. 

Now, it's time to roll up your can using the newspaper. Remember that you have to pull the can out of your new pot so don't roll it too tightly.

Leave enough extra newspaper at the bottom so that you can fold it up to cover a little more than half way up the can. Let me try that again.. You'll want enough newspaper to measure 1/4 inch more than the radius of the can. I hope that makes sense.. Trial and error will help if my wording is too.. fuddled. :)

Continue rolling your can until you have exhausted your supply of newsprint. 

Now it's time to fold up the bottom. 

See how the newspaper covers the radius plus about 1/4 inch?  Continue folding in this manner until you can stand your can upright on your folds. Then remove your can and you should have a newspaper cup!

Fill with seed starting mix or whatever your grow medium of choice is, add seeds, water.. and 

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 I hope you found this helpful. Its funny how the simplest things can be right in front of your face, but being tv programmed tells me I should try buying expensive plastic pots before anything homemade could ever work... funny. 

So get out and garden today. Put away your tv box and get some sun!  :)  Ramble ramble.. I know.. sorry. Have a great day filled with all things delicious and fragrant!

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