Friday, March 2, 2012

Green Smoothies

Have you seen these!?
Green Smoothies.
Despite the split pea soup look of the things, they taste rather amazing!

I don't usually follow a recipe when making green smoothies. That's one of the beauties of this concoction! For this batch  I added such things as mango, peaches, agave, and honey...

So what makes it green?!
Now follow me on this for a minute and don't get scared... The secret ingredient is
Raw baby spinach!

What an awesome way to get kids to eat gobs of healthy spinach and get a good dose of fruit too!

So heres what I did:

2 bananas
2 slices of mango flesh
1 can of peaches (yeah, i used the can for this one.. :(
a squeeze or two of honey (or dollop)
and a couple handfuls of raw baby spinach leaves

Add all your wonderful healthy goodies into the blender and push the magic button.

Here is a link to the blender that I like to use for my smoothie making needs

Super simple and super easy!

Smotthies are great for:
after school snack,
eating for beauty/health,
even dessert

I've been seeing different variations on this household favorite.
I found a list of 12 variations here at GreenDivaMom

and a few more here at Raw Family

And a great page with video for tips and tricks as well as more recipes.. here

So I hope you can find some inspiration in these recipes. Its really quite hard to screw these up! yay!

And they would even be a monstrously wonderful drink for a child's birthday party or Halloween gathering! Can't you just see all the gummie worms trying to escape the creepy green witches brew?! Well, its a thought.

Have a wonderful March! A wonderfully Green March!

Tomorrow: The Green Potato Garden.. That's actually purple.. :/

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